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PiroCollar PC L 110 manual

PiroCollar PC L 200 manual


Piro Collar PC L

Mounting set for individual construction of fire collars

Product data

Product data

Steel segment cover: 2 m for PC L 110, 2 m for PC L 200

Intumescent insert (tape): 2m 60 x 6,5 mm for PC L 110, 7m 60 x 4 mm for PC L 200

Fastening parts: 27 pcs for PC L 110, 18 pcs for PC L 200

Connecting parts: 10 pcs for PC L 110, 3 pcs for PC L 200

Two sets are available: Piro Collar PC L 110 for the construction of Piro Collar PC L 110 and smaller sizes and Piro Collar PC L 200 for the construction of Piro Collar PC 200 and smaller sizes with a height of 60 mm. The set also allow to build open-ended U-shaped collars for use on pipe elbows and closed collars for protecting several pipes next to one another. Properly constructed Piro Collar PC L collars meet the requirements of ETA and are an ideal solution when there are many pipes of different diameters to protect.



Piro Collar PC L is delivered as a set allowing each trained person and having the Pirosystem Contractor's License to make the collars on their own in accordance with the attached manufacturer's instructions.

Piro Collar PC sets are easy and quick to assemble the required dimensions of fire collar Piro Collar PC at the place of installation on the pipe (e.g. on a construction site). It is enough to break off the appropriate number of segments from the segment cover, attach the connecting elements at its ends, and install the fastening elements on the appropriate segments of the cover (the number of fastening elements depends on the size of the fire collar). The intumescent insert should be placed in such a cover and it is ready. In case of fireproof collars 125 and larger, the intumescent insert is first wrapped on the pipe and then the prepared segment cover is placed on it. A detailed assembly diagram is in the box, in the instructions attached to the sets. 

Fire collars are delivered without fixing elements. Already assembled fire collar is placed around the pipe, closed and then attached to the partition by means of fastening elements, the number of which is given in the manual. When building and installing fire collars, PC-IM1 / PC-IM2 assembly instructions attached to the fire collar must be strictly followed.

CarboCollar Segment 200 instrukcja 5.png
CarboCollar Segment 110 U instrukcja 5.png
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