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U-shaped fire collars protect pipe elbows of plastic pipes. In this case, clamps are not required. It is important that the fastening elements are always installed on the first and last segment of the steel cover. The arrangement of the remaining clamps should be made in accordance with table. When selecting the appropriate collar, remember that its diameter should always be greater than or equal to the outer diameter of the pipe elbow.

Mounting data
CarboCollar Segment 110 U instrukcja 1.png

Read in the table with mounting data the correct length of the segment cover for the given collar diameter and break it off.

Steps 1 - 5

Place the fastening parts on the appropriate sections of the steel cover from below and bend the ends with pliers. Segment numbers are given in table.

CarboCollar Segment 110 U instrukcja 2.png
CarboCollar Segment 110 U instrukcja 3.png

Read the appropriate length of the intumescent insert for a given diameter from the table and cut it off with a knife.

Place the intumescent insert in the previously prepared segment cover with mounting elements and give the whole fire collar the U shape.

CarboCollar Segment 110 U instrukcja 4.png
CarboCollar Segment 110 U instrukcja 5.png

Fire collars prepared this way are ideal for installation on pipe elbows.

Have questions?

A qualified team of Pirosystem can help in the selection of passive fire protection system and other fire protection solutions.

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