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Pirosystem Sp. z o.o. is a Polish manufacturer of fire protection systems for buildings. Many years of experience in research and excellent knowledge of the industry allow us to identify the best technical solutions and optimize the costs of protecting the entire facility.


We have extensive production experience and our highly specialized technical knowledge allows us to create the highest quality advanced COMPREHENSIVE FIRE PROTECTION PROTECTION OF BUILDINGS. First of all, we want to provide the customer with a complete set for fire protection products, which will enable comprehensive fire protection of the building by providing protection for all penetration seals, constructional nodes, expansion joints, main construction etc. required by law. That is why we have developed and implemented a complete system of innovative products, which includes, for instance: fire collars, fire-resistant pastes, intumescent tapes and wraps, intumescent coatings etc. We optimize our solutions adequately to the needs of our customers by testing them in real conditions. Our proposal consists of optimally selected set of products in terms of their performance, safety, ease of installation and economics of use.

All products offered by Pirosystem Sp. z o.o. have European Technical Approvals as well as CE mark to ensure full compliance.


I invite you to cooperation,
Marcin Gierej
Chairman of the Board
PIROSYSTEM Sp. z .o.o.

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About us

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