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Piro Intumescent Grille


Intended for air ducts

Piro Intumescent Grille

Intumescent Ventilation Grilles

Piro Intumescent Grille is a fire-protective ventilation grille designed to protect air ducts in case of fire. During regular use, they allow free air circulation inside the rooms. During fire the system creates a special barrier that prevents the flow of fire, smoke and harmful gases. The intumescent tape inside Piro Intumescent Grille as a result of a reaction to high temperature fills gaps in grille and closes the flow of air and smoke and also insulates the heat flow. Intumescent tape is non-flammable. Under normal conditions of use, the air flow through Piro Intumescent Grille is not blocked.


> Intumescent Ventilation Grille


A qualified team of Pirosystem can help in the selection of passive fire protection system and other fire protection solutions. Our advisors are also at your disposal on the construction site, where they will be happy to provide instructions to contractors of passive fire protection and train their staff free of charge, confirming the completion of training with a contractor's license, authorizing the correct use of Pirosystem products intended for fire protection of penetration seals, in accordance with the ETA. Mixed penetrations of pipes, cables and expansion joints and other technical solutions compliant with European approvals.

We will help you choose optimal solutions and products used to protect objects in the field of passive fire protection. In difficult cases, going beyond the scope of typical passive fire protection solutions, we are ready to prepare free of charge, Individual Technical Documentation for the passive fire protection products we propose to ensure fire safety of service penetrations in buildings.


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