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ETA: ETA-17/1062

CPR: 1488-CPR-0726/W

DoP: PIRO/06-2018-09-10



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PiroCoat I

Bucket:  10 kg

Intended for:  ​non-insulated metal pipes (steel, copper, cast iron)  |  small diameter plastic pipes


Water-based dispersion of synthetic resin and graphite particles.


Fire-protective thermal insulation layer.


Prevents the spread
of fire to adjacent compartments.

Up to EI 120

Environment class: Z1, Z2

Ablation paste should be stored in a dry place with the temperature ranging from +5°C to +30°C for no longer than 10 months.

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Application methods:

brush, putty knife


Can be topcoated

with decorative water-based paints

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Description & use

PiroCoat I is a one-component, thick, water-based dispersion of synthetic resin and graphite particles. The paste reacts - it increases its volume under the influence of temperature above 150° C. It is suitable for application with a spatula or brush with stiff bristles. It can be diluted by adding up to 3% water. The coating of PiroCoat I is rough when dry. Use mechanical instruments for thickness measurement, e.g. calipers. The dried coating of PiroCoat I may conduct electricity. In order to change the color, PiroCoat I can be topcoated with decorative water-based paints. Before applying PiroCoat I, protected surfaces should be dusted and degreased.

PiroCoat I fireproof paste is intended for fire insulation and sealing and fire-resitant protection of penetrations through walls and floors of steel, copper and cast iron pipes without insulation or insulated with PE foam (in combination with Piro Multitube PM fireproof tape). It can also be used to protect penetrations through walls and floors, small diameter plastic pipes, stabilized with glass or aluminum. The coating made of this fireproof mass, under the influence of high temperature, intumesces under fire conditions, creating a foamed, fireproof thermal insulation layer on the protected surface. Penetration seals made of PiroCoat I fireproof paste are classified in class EI.


Types of partitions where penetration seals
can be made using PiroCoat I

FLOOR: Floors built of concrete or reinforced concrete, with a thickness of not less than 150 mm and a density of not less than 1700 kg/m3
RIGID WALL: Walls built of concrete, (reinforced, cellular) solid brick, hollow or checkered brick, with a min. thickness of 100 mm or 125 mm and a min. density of 600 kg/m3

FLEXIBLE WALL:  Walls with a minimum thickness of 100 mm, with a skeleton structure built of steel or wooden sections


Paste must be
applied on
a pipe

and on wall:
50 mm width


Stored in
10 kg buckets

Technical application

See the examples of
technical application

Pasta I rury stalowe bez izolacji rysunek 5.png
Pasta I Rury metalowe bez izolacji kombinowane strop 5.png
Pasta I rury palne bez izolacji rysunek 5.png

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Have questions?

A qualified team of Pirosystem can help in the selection of passive fire protection system and other fire protection solutions.

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