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ETA: ETA-17/1061

CPR: 1488-CPR-0727/W

DoP: PIRO/07-2018-09-10





Roll:  15, 30 (m)  Width / thickness:  100 x 4.8, 60 x 4, 60 x 2.5 (mm)

Intended for:  ​plastic pipes  |  insulated plastic and metal pipes  |  cable bundles


Cut to the required length and wrapped on a pipe is
the appropriate
passive fire protection.


Tape made of
100% intumescent material.


length, width and thickness.

Intumescent material begins expanding
in the heat
and seals the hole.

Prevents the spread
of fire to adjacent compartments.

Up to EI 180 C/U, U/C, C/C

Environment class: Z2

Intumescent tape should be stored in a dry place with the temperature ranging from +5°C to +30°C for no longer than 24 months.

Multitube Pex pojedyncze rury 1.png
Multitube Pex pojedyncze rury 3.png
Multitube Pex pojedyncze rury 5.png
Description & use

Piro Multitube PM intumescent tape is a polymer tape with an admixture of graphite and other components that make the assembly smooth and flexible, and under high temperature it increases its volume, closing the aperture with the pipe or cable on which it is wound. The cross-section tape has a rectangular shape and is manufactured in several sizes: 60 x 2.5 mm, 60 x 4 mm, 100 x 4.8 mm. The tape is rolled into a roll of various lengths, from 15 m to 30 m. In case of Piro Multitube PM intumescent tape, its unique feature is cross-section interchangeability. The strip cross-sections are interchangeable, which means that one cross-section can be replaced with another cross-section, the interchangeability of cross-sections is presented in the Pirosystem catalog. The fireproof intumescent tape should be cut off and adjusted to the outer circumference of the pipe, wrapped on the pipe and fixed with a cable tie or a self-adhesive universal tape.

Piro Multitube PM intumescent tape is designed for sealing and stopping fire in service penetrations of plastic and metal pipes without or with flammable or non-flammable insulation and cables penetrating walls or floors. Fire resistance class from EI 30 to EI 180. For more information see ETA-17/1061.


Types of partitions where penetration seals
can be made using Piro MULTITUBE PM

FLOOR: Floors built of concrete or reinforced concrete, with a thickness of not less than 150 mm and a density of not less than 1700 kg/m3
RIGID WALL: Walls built of concrete, (reinforced, cellular) solid brick, hollow or checkered brick, with a min. thickness of 100 mm or 125 mm and a min. density of 600 kg/m3

FLEXIBLE WALL:  Walls with a minimum thickness of 125 mm, with a skeleton structure built of steel or wooden sections


Tape must be

around the pipe.


in walls
along the axis
of the wall

Installation information

Or symmetrically on both sides of
the wall axis


in floors
15 ± 5 mm
the bottom


Piro Multitube PM does not require any support, therefore it can be mounted directly on the pipe at its destination. The tape is wrapped directly on the pipe or on the pipe insulation depending on the type of pipe and type of insulation (for details see ETA-17/1061). For pipes penetrating floor, wrapping with a tape can be done both before pouring the floor or part of the floor with concrete mortar, and when pouring the floor or part of the floor with concrete mortar. For pipes penetrating a wall, wrapping with a tape can be done while building the wall or part of it. For pipes led in a shaft or in technical openings, wrapping with a tape should be done before walling them up. In case of drilled holes, Piro Multitube PM should be wrapped and attached around the pipe and slided to the hole in the partition. Fixing the tape on the pipe can be done by using a cable tie or with a self-adhesive universal tape.



Technical installation

See the examples of
technical installation

Multitube Kanalizacja Kolano.png
Multitube Pex pojedyncze rury 5.png
Multitube Palne w izolacji PE 5.png
Multitube Palne w wełnie 6.png
Multitube rury metalowe w izolacji kauczuk 5.png
Multitube rury rury metalowe w izolacji PE 6.png
Multitube Wiązka Kabli 5.png
Multitube Wiązka Kabli w rurce 5.png

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Have questions?

A qualified team of Pirosystem can help in the selection of passive fire protection system and other fire protection solutions.

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