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ETA: ETA-17/1064

CPR: 1488-CPR-0724/W

DoP: PIRO/07-2018-09-10




Piro Wrap PW

Intumescent wrap for plastic pipes without insulation

Product data

Product data

Fire resistance class: up to EI 180 C/U, U/C

Reaction to fire: B-s2, d0

Color: black

Environment class: Z1, Z2

Storage temperature range: from + 5°C to + 30°C

Shelf life: no limit, no longer than 24 months

Packaging: 1 piece

Wrap types: PW-55, PW-82, PW-90, PW-110, PW-125, PW-160



Piro Wrap PW is a polymer wrap with an admixture of graphite and other components that make the assembly smooth and flexible and under high temperature it increases its volume closing the aperture with the pipe or cable on which it is wrapped. The wrap has a rectangular shape and is produced in several dimensions of thickness and 60 mm or 100 mm width. Piro Wrap PW is delivered as ready-made product. It consists of one or more layers of intumescent inserts placed in a closed pouch made of PVC foil or similar material. At one end of the bag there is an adhesive strip used to fix the wrap to the pipe. Piro Wrap PW should be wrapped around the pipe and if necessary it can be cut to the required length. Piro Wrap PW should be placed inside the partition.      

Piro Wrap PW is designed to stop fire and perform fireproof sealing of penetration seal in walls or floors through which single plastic pipes (PVC, PP, PE-HD, PE, ABS, SAN + PVC) with a diameter of up to 160 mm. The thickness of the insert depends on the type of pipe material and its diameter. The thickness of the partition through which the installations are carried out should not be less than: - 100 mm - for plastic pipes DN ≤ 110 mm - concrete walls, cellular concrete walls, solid brick walls, plasterboard walls - 150 mm - concrete floors or reinforced concrete floors.

Piro Wrap PW is a type of Piro Multitube PM, just like Piro Multitube PM it is mounted inside the partition. Piro Wrap PW is a ready-to-use product, intumescent insert matched to the diameter of a pipe is inside a foil bag, which is wrapped around the pipe. In order to mount the wrap before building the floor or building the wall, it should be put on the pipe in the same way as the Piro Multitube PM by using an cable tie or universal adhesive tape which will keep the wrap on the pipe and prevent it from moving. Piro Wrap PW does not require support, therefore it can be mounted directly on the pipe. For pipes led in a shaft or in technical openings the wraps should be installed before they are walled up. In case of drilled holes, Piro Wrap PW should be wrapped around the pipe and slided to the hole in the partition. The wrap is attached to the pipe by means of an integrated self-adhesive element. Mounting clearance (u = c.a. 25 mm) obtained after drilling in the supporting structure. It is required due to the space needed for mounting (inserting Piro Wrap PW into the hole).

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