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ETA: ETA-17/1062

CPR: 1488-CPR-0726/W

DoP: PIRO/06-2018-09-10





Intumescent coating for cables, cable bundles and cable trays

Product data

Product data

Fire resistance class: up to EI 120

Reaction to fire: Bfl-s1; B-s2,d0

Color: creamy white

Density: 1,36 ± 5% g/cm³

Environment class: Z1, Z2

Storage temperature range: from + 5°C to + 30°C

Shelf life: 10 months

Theoretical amount to obtain a 1 mm thick coating: 1,81 kg/m²

Packaging: 10 kg bucket



PiroCoating is a one-component intumescent paint, which is a water dispersion of synthetic resin and pigments. The paint is produced in the form of a thick cream-white mass. It is suitable for brush application or, after its slight dilution with water, it can be applied hydrodynamically as a paint coating. After drying, PiroCoating has very good adhesion to the substrates made of plastic used in the production of cables. The coating is flexible, which means that the paint-protected cables can be bent without peeling off the coating. The paint is packed in various containers up to 10 kg. Before applying, the surfaces of the cables should be clean from dust and degreased.

PiroCoating is used for fire sealing and fireproof protection of penetrations through walls and floors of cables, cable bundles, cable trays or their combinations. It can be applied to mineral wool used as an insulating cover, wool boards in mixed penetrations. It has good adhesion to various surfaces, including ceramic, gypsum, mineral wool and metals. PiroCoating is characterized by very good insulating properties, protects the surfaces during direct heating with an open flame and blocks its spread under fire conditions. Penetration seals protected by PiroCoating are classified in class EI.

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