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PiroCoat A painted board

PiroCoat A painted board for mixed penetration seals

Product data

Product data

Surface color: creamy white

Mineral wool density: 150 kg/m³

Storage temperature range: from +5°C to +30°C

Shelf life: 24 months

Coating thickness of PiroCoat A Paste: 1,6 mm

Board dimensions (height, thickness, thickness): 1000 mm x 1200 mm x 51,6 mm

Packaging: 2 boards



​PiroCoat A painted mineral wool board is a 150 kg/m3 density mineral wool board with a thickness of 50 mm, covered with a 1.6 mm layer of PiroCoat A, i.e. ablative paste, which is a water dispersion of synthetic resin and pigments PiroCoat A layer is non-flammable.

PiroCoat A painted mineral wool board is used in the construction of mixed penetration seals of certain types of plastic, metal pipes as well as cables penetrating flexible and rigid walls and floors. In addition, it can be a fireproof protection for plasterboards or a filling between them in order to increase the fire resistance of a partition made of these boards. PiroCoat A coating on the mineral wool board is characterized by very good endothermic properties, it strongly cools the surfaces when heated with the flame and blocks its spread under fire conditions. The main advantage of PiroCoat A painted mineral wool board is filling mixed penetration seals and the speed and simplicity of installation. The product is designed in accordance with ETA-17/1062.

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