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ETA: ETA-17/1063

CPR: 1488-CPR-0725/W

DoP: PIRO/08-2018-09-10




Piro Collar PC MAX

Fire collar with 180 mm height for insulated metal pipes

Product data

Product data

Fire resistance class: up to EI 180 C/U, U/C

Reaction to fire: B-s2, d0

Color: silver

Environment class: Z2

Storage temperature range: from + 5°C to + 30°C

Shelf life: no limit, no longer than 24 months

Packaging: 1 piece

Sizes: from PC-450 to PC-950



In technical solutions, e.g. HVAC installations, a frequent case is the penetration of steel pipes with a diameter of more than 273 mm, insulated with flammable foam insulation with a thickness greater than or equal to 50 mm, penetrating walls or floor. In such cases, an analysis of the penetration seal should be performed. One of the technical solutions we propose is the use of fire collars Piro Collar PC MAX of individual increased size. These fire collars are manufactured individually - adjusted to the outer diameters of the pipes. Possible range of diameters of fire collars can be from 450 mm to 950 mm. Piro Collar PC MAX consists of an outer cover made of stainless steel and inserts made of intumescent material. The steel cover is equipped with locks for fastening the collar and stabilizing it on the pipe, and with mounting elements with holes through which expansion anchor bolts are led. It is possible to prepare Individual Technical Documentation.

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