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ETA: ETA-20/0957

CPR: FIRES-1396-CPR-0199

DoP: FS-013-1-2023-06-02





Flame Stal® Fireproof Solvent

Intumescent coating for steel structures

Product data

Product data

Fire resistance class: from R15 to R60

Color: creamy white

Density: 1,42 ± 5%

Solids content %: 81 ± 3

Surface drying time: 30 ± 10 minutes

VOC (g/dm³): 23,45 ± 1,8

Storage temperature range: from +5°C to +35°C

Packaging: 20 l bucket



Flame Stal® FireProof Solvent is a fireproof intumescent coating. One-component, thixotropic mixture based on organic solvents. Under the influence of high temperatures, Flame Stal® FireProof Solvent foams, creating a durable thermal insulation, delaying the temperature increase of the steel substrate. Flame Stal® FireProof Solvent is a fireproof intumescent coating intended for fire protection of steel and galvanized steel structures, made of open and closed profiles, in classes from R-15 to R-60 against thermal impact of standard fires according to PN-EN 1363-1: 2012. Flame Stal® Fire Proof Solvent coating has the Technical Approval ETA-20/0957 and the certificate of compliance FIRES-1396-CPR-0199. Fire-protected elements can be used inside and outside buildings under the influence of environmental factors Z1, Z2, X, Y and various environmental corrosivity categories from C1 to C5.

Flame Stal® FireProof Solvent is applied to surfaces previously protected against corrosion with a primer paint or to prepared galvanized surfaces. The Flame Stal® FireProof Solvent fire protection system creates a flexible and mechanically durable protection, resistant to moisture, condensation water and weather conditions, including industrial atmosphere. As an intumescent layer in sets with appropriate undercoat and topcoat paints, it is used for fireproof protection of steel structures with open and closed profiles working outside or inside objects, including galvanized surfaces. Before using the system, consult the technical advisor of the paint manufacturer or distributor. Fire protection may be performed only by trained companies that have received or have a valid Flame Stal® FireProof Solvent System Contractor's License. The product is intended for professional use.

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