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ETA: ETA-17/1059

CPR: 1488-CPR-0669/W

DoP: PIRO/04-2017-12-31




Piro Acrylic Sealant AC120

Acrylic mass for expansion joints and gaps

Product data

Product data

Fire resistance class: up to EI 120

Reaction to fire: Bfl-s1; B-s2,d0

Color: white

Density: 1,60 ± 5% g/cm³

Environment class: Z1, Z2

Storage temperature range: from + 5°C to + 30°C

Shelf life: 10 months

Theoretical amount to obtain a 1 mm thick coating: 1,93 kg/m²

Oxygen index: ≥45

Packaging: 310 ml cartridge



Fireproof acrylic mass Piro Acrylic Sealant AC120 is a liquid, thick mass of white color, based on a water-dilutable acrylic resin with special additives. The mass pressed into expansion joints or gaps under fire conditions expands its volume, filling the spaces between construction elements tightly.

Piro Acrylic Sealant AC120 is intended for fireproof seals:
• expansion joints in building partitions constituting fire partitions with a possible displacement of ± 7.5%,
• spaces between frames and window and door frames (wooden, steel, PVC) - the mass does not replace the mechanical fastening of windows and doors to the building partition,
• around steel or copper pipes,
• previously protected with one of Pirosystem products: tape, collar, foam or seals.

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